Our Targets

Developed based on our experience and love for children, as well as the latest research in the fields of developmental psychology the program targets to enhance:

Social Skills

At BeChild we know that the social skills children acquire at a young age determines to a great extend the level of their adjustability in different environments, future friendships and self confidence.

Self confidence & Self-esteem

Self-confidence is widely recognised and accepted as a vital tool to guaranteed success in their adult lives.

Emotions Management

Your child will learn to recongnise, control, manage and express their emotions. This will alow the child to enhance their social skills as well as their adjustability to the different environments.

Self Awareness

BeChild allows children to explore, understand and fulfil their potential and to set boundaries and targets.

Reduce the frequency of Psychosomatic events

Abdominal and stomach pains, committing and sleeping difficulties with no organic cause are considered psychosomatic manifestations. BeChild, amongst other, helps build healthier children both physically and mentally.

Accepting difference

We live in a multicultural enivronment. Accepting and respecting differences in ourselves and others is vital in today's world. The acceptance and respect for diversity are essential for a harmonious co-existence of people and leads to reduced bullying incidents.

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Bechild... a program that offers a wealth of knowledge to our children... along with creativity, laughters and joy !!!

Maria Ioannou
Owner Kindergarden Paramithia Ntoremithia

As a teacher (kindergarden and primary schools), I have learned that children need love. Perhaps the most important element of all though is the pay attention to the small behavioral signs that hide powerful messages. BeChild manages to understand and unfold the personality of the child using the right stimuli developing the child to becoming a responsible and respected adult.

Despina Constantinou

Our Approach

How do children though, learn these essential skills? Through well-designed experiential, child-centered, loving programs based on scientific results. The experiential methodology, is a ''live'' approach, an exploration of the most important issues that concern us. Experiencing a situation enables to perceive and remember. Specifically, BeChild employs physical expression and interaction techniques as well as role playing, Psycho-motor activities, painting, group dynamics, constructive games and the use of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. Examples include:

Experiential Approach / Real life situations

hildren learn to recognize challenging situations in their daily life at school or at home. They are then asked to discuss through role playing or discussions which behaviors they think are appropriate. Our target is for them to consciously understand and then maintain the desired behaviour.

Emotions management

Children learn to classify, understand and manage their emotions. For example, they learn how and up to what degree they can express their feelings in different environments.

Βehavioral models

The BeChild trainers act as a role model for behavior imitation. The Trainer will teach each model and explain using simple words what we do and how we think.

Psychometric and observational tests

Through observation and reliable psychometric questionnaires we are able to have a clear picture relating to the progress of children . Based on their progress we are then able to adjust BeChild to the needs of our students.

Reward systems

Reward systems help children understand and implement positive behaviors. Helping a child set and conquer targets, enables the child to try harder, eliminates fear of failure, enables healthy self-confidence, gives a feeling of completion and focus on the target. What matters the most during this process are the baby steps towards it, as well as the milestone rewards.

Cause and effect

We allow the children space to think and discuss the consequences of their actions. Children learn that every action comes with a natural consequence. Consequences are our first and best teachers.


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